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Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Updated: 2019-10-25

How to Choose the Window Treatments for Any Home

Remember the last time you had friends over and you were embarrassed by those naked windows? Well, you’re definitely not alone…and there’s definitely something you can do about it. Whether you have an awkwardly placed window or you’re not sure about style and colors, our Bassett designers can help you choose the right curtains that coordinate with your design tastes.

So, we’re lifting the curtains on your windows. If you're searching for window treatment ideas for your home, we've got you covered, no pun intended. Find the best way to add window dressings to your home here!

What’s Your Room Situation?

Curtains can make or break a space. So, it’s important to choose curtains with a style, color, and pattern that will enhance the surrounding décor when thinking about window treatment ideas for your home. Window curtains can even add some WOW without intruding or detracting from the environment. In short, your curtains should look like they belong in the space.

The conditions of your existing room may determine the window treatment needs for your space. Here are some room situations you may have in your own home, and how you can remedy or enhance them.

  • Rooms with Bright Sunlight: Avoid light-colored fabrics as they will fade faster. Opt for darker colored curtains with window sheers to diffuse the harsher light during the day.
  • Dark Rooms: Whether your room has darker walls or a lack of natural sunlight, you can create light in the room by using a light-colored and lightweight solid or patterned fabric.
  • Bold-Colored Walls: If you’re going bold on one wall or all four, why not go bold all the way? Choose a curtain with the same base color as your vibrant wall color to create a monochromatic theme. It will continue your bold statement and add a splash of texture to space.
  • Bright-Colored Walls: Choose a heavy fabric that incorporates a bit of your wall color in a vibrant pattern. The heavier texture will add weight to space while the pattern can add a pop of fun.
  • White Walls: White walls give you a blank canvas to make your curtains the design focus of your room. Select a geometric or technicolor pattern that will showcase your style and add a fun look to your clean, white space.
  • Small Windows: Shhh! Here’s a trick of the trade… to make a small window appear larger, simply mount your curtain rod or other hardware above the window so that your curtain falls to just below the window height. This will draw the eyes upward, giving the appearance of taller windows. The same concept can be done to make narrow windows look wider. Voila!
  • Privacy or Separation: Need to create a separate space or a soft division between two rooms? Try a curtain divider that completely or partially covers an entry. You will have the option to open the space when you want, or partially or completely close the curtain when separation and privacy are desired.
  • Busy or Eclectic Spaces: Go neutral! If you have a lot of pattern and color already going on in your space, a neutral curtain color will add a resting space for the eyes without detracting from your already stylish room.
  • Neutral Rooms: Go bold! The best window treatment ideas for your home are about finding a nice balance between opposing color schemes. If your room is fairly neutral throughout, pick a bold color from the throw pillows, throw blankets, artwork or other décor items and carry that color onto the curtains for a glamorous pop of color and excitement.
  • Blank Canvas: Does your room lack style elements? If you’re not a collector of décor, art or other objects of affection, make a statement with floor-to-ceiling curtains that add amazing glamour and elegance.
  • Wallpaper: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Adding curtains to a wallpapered room doesn’t have to be a challenge. Replicate one color in the wallpaper in a solid-colored window treatment. Alternatively, you can select a certain pattern that has the same colors but in a smaller or larger pattern than on the walls for a coordinating look.
  • Match the Furniture: Do you love your new furniture? You can continue the classic look of your furniture to garnish your windows as well. You may be able to order fabric by the yard from the manufacturer. Check with your Bassett designer to see if the additional fabric is available for purchase. Most likely, the answer is YES!
  • Use Nature as Your Guide: Bring the outside in! Sometimes, you don’t need to look any further for inspiration than Mother Nature. Look outside your window and notice how the seasonal colors naturally blend together. Replicate the same colors inside for a soft, earthy feel.

Bassett Window Treatments

Choosing Curtains: Fabrics and Colors

What are you trying to accomplish in your space? The type of fabric and length will both play a role in your research process for window treatment ideas, helping you achieve the look and feel you want in your room.

  • Curtains for Privacy: Medium- to heavy-weight curtains will screen your windows from passersby or from nearby neighboring windows. If you don’t want to obstruct sunlight, then hang your curtain rod above the window and a little wider on each side of the window. That way, you can allow sunlight in when you want it, then close the curtains for privacy. You can add a backing to thinner fabrics for additional privacy as well as a blackout or room-darkening liner to block out sunlight when needed.
  • Added Warmth: Choose heavier or lined fabrics to add warmth to your space. Velvets, wool, heavy linens, and other medium-weight fabrics are popular choices. Also think about incorporating the warmer colors in the color spectrum: reds, oranges, and yellows.
  • More Light: Opt for lightweight fabrics that allow daylight to filter through. If you aren’t worried about privacy, consider unlined or sheer curtains or combine the look with wood blinds, Roman shades or relaxed Roman shades.

Curtain Length:

Aside from valances and shades, you may wonder how to choose curtain length. Most ready-made curtains come in standard lengths of 48, 60, 72, 84 or 96 inches. You can always buy longer curtains than you need and have them cut back to the desired length. Of course, if you are having curtains custom made, you can select the exact length you want.

You’ll want your full-length window treatments to at least land slightly below the window frame. Anything shorter than your window will look awkward. As mentioned earlier, you can mount your curtains higher than the window frame to provide the illusion of taller windows. If you’re going for a more formal look, you’ll want to extend the length of your curtains to well below the bottom sash, perhaps even to the floor or splaying slightly across the floor for the most formal of looks.

Bassett offers custom, in-store curtain design. Book an appointment with one of our designers today!

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