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Choosing Baby Nursery Furniture

Updated: 2019-10-25

Designing a Nursery? Oh, Baby!

Having a little one is BIG. Congrats! Searching for baby’s room ideas? Bassett is happy to help with nursery design advice to help you in choosing baby nursery furniture for your home.

Newborn Baby Nursery Design: top tips from parents

The happiest new parents put function before fashion, creating rooms that work hard during 3 a.m. feedings and surprise diaper changes.

When choosing baby nursery furniture, mom and dads say that the best nursery designs…

  • Use the only furniture certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), all designed, tested, and crafted to keep baby safe
  • Take versatility into account when choosing furniture and storage so that the plan can grow and change with your little one
  • Place the crib against a cozy, draft-free wall and keep the foot path clear so you can rush to the rescue without running an obstacle course
  • Put what you need (diapers, wipes, onesies, pacifiers, your phone) in easy reach and are fully stocked well before the due date
  • Are filled with storage so you can stay organized
  • Keep rugs either out of high-traffic zones or locked down with double-sided rug tape so you don’t trip
  • Use a soft pastel or light monochromatic color scheme to keep baby calm and sleepy

Bassett Addison

Baby’s basics (a.k.a. your nursery design checklist)

Must-have furnishings:

  • For the perfect blend of functionality, safety, and style when choosing baby nursery furniture, shop the Bassett baby collection. A few pieces to get little well into childhood:
  • Convertible crib — Bassett Everest transforms into a child’s bed — no need to change bedroom sets as baby grows
  • Mattress — lots of hours logged here.
  • Dresser — for extra quilts and teeny-weeny clothes; our Seraphina dresser doubles as a changing table with optional gallery rails
  • Changing table — placed near the bed to get important business done in a flash; great for storage too
  • Comfy chair (ottoman, too!) — doesn’t have to be a rocking chair, does have to be comfy and supportive
  • Side table — for bottles, bedtime books, your laptop, and a soft light

Lots of storage:

  • Itsy-bitsy babies come with mountains of supplies. Here are a few places to put them:
  • Storage crib — the Everest also economizes space, especially if your nursery is on the wee side
  • Dresser hutch — this ingenious dresser “tops” like our Addison hutch
  • can display adorable stuffed animals, picture books, future keepsakes, and more
  • Hanging sweater organizers — substitute for a dresser when baby’s clothes are small; a handy place to put extra linens and diapers
  • Big canvas baskets — another option for little toys, towels, and quilts
  • Stackable tubs — store “too big” clothes, quilts, and diaper reserves back in the closet

Bassett Nantucket

Baby room decorations:

Themes and colors give you plenty of room to play in when choosing baby nursery furniture. We’ll leave that fun part up to you (unless you’d like an interior designer’s advice).

As you decorate, these accessories and cozy touches can help set the tone for the first few years:

  • Wall art and mobiles — removable decals, playful wallpaper, and sparkling mobiles give those beautiful eyes something to focus on between cuddle and feeding time
  • Baby’s bedding — a chance to infuse characters, colors, and patterns
  • “Adult” throw and pillows — an oh-so-practical way to add warmth, softness, and color to your cozy chair
  • Low lighting — set on the side table, the glow of a soft light can help keep you both on the sleepy side …. or let you get work done (sorry)
  • Monitor and sound soother — the first so you can listen in; the second to carry the baby through hours of sweet dreams

Baby Shower Gifts for Newborn's Nursery

These are some items that can be gathered after the baby arrives or can be requested as gifts at a baby shower:

  • books
  • bookshelf for a baby's growing library
  • toys for grabbing and teething
  • over-the-crib mobile

Need more baby room ideas?

Yep, it’s a busy time. So just ask a Bassett interior designer.  She or he can put together the nursery you’re dreaming of.

Welcome, baby, welcome.

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