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Interior Light Fixtures for Your Home

Updated: 2019-10-25

Nothing defines the warmth and energy level when you enter a room quite like your home lighting ideas. Even during the day, the light fixtures help create the style of your rooms, whether that’s a beautiful round chandelier in the foyer or pendants over the kitchen island. Arranging interior light fixtures for your home in the right way feel warm and welcoming. Read on to learn about some lighting ideas for your home!

How Color Temperature Enhances Your Interior Light Fixtures

Lighting influences the design and mood of a room in ways you might not even anticipate. Color temperature is a classic example. In general, the type and color of light in the room will depend on both the type of light bulb and any lampshade. All light bulbs have a “Kelvin color temperature” ranging from about 2700K (soft white) to 6500K (daylight), which will make the room appear either more yellow or bluer. Keep the color temperature the same for all bulbs in the same room, but feel free to vary the intensity of the light – brighter for task lighting than ambient. 

Generally, warm lighting works well in cozy rooms like living rooms and bedrooms. Cooler lighting helps keep the energy level high in the kitchen and helps a bathroom look bright and clean.

Soho Riviera

Using the Layers of Light in a Room

You can think of lighting in terms of layers, and in fact, a beautiful room has usually been designed in that way. The light layers include three types:

  • Ambient lighting, or the general light for the whole room, often glows from recessed lighting or a chandelier. 
  • Task lighting helps illuminate a certain activity, whether that’s writing a letter, reading a book, or chopping vegetables. Lights like pendants, table lamps, or floor lamps provide task lighting.
  • Accent lighting helps create a mood and highlight features. You might aim a spotlight or a track light at a painting or the mantel, or illuminate the wall with a pair of sconces.

Finding Home Lighting Ideas

Once you have an idea of the bulb temperature you need for your room and what type of light you want to add, you can find lighting ideas to inspire you in magazines, movies, restaurants – nearly anywhere! Browse the furniture groupings in your local Bassett Furniture store for lighting inspiration. Also, consider these  ideas for interior light fixtures for your home:

  • Repeat design. A round overhead fixture over a round table looks finished and intentional. Our Odense Glass Pendant is a perfect example.
  • Mix old and new. Industrial lights and subway tiles together have a timeless, functional appeal.
  • Have fun with shades. Since shades can be swapped rather easily, they are a great way to incorporate a playful pattern or a punch of accent color. 

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

In a kitchen, your lighting sets the tone for family conversations, late-night snacks, and the preparation of countless meals. There’s a reason kitchen lighting ideas often consist of the same elements – because they work!Bassett Odense Light

Recessed lighting in the ceiling helps provide focused light on areas like the countertops and stove. Pendant lights work well over a kitchen island for task lighting as well as style. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates work surfaces. And if you have an eat-in kitchen, a large pendant offers just enough light to define the style for your family dinners. Shop our Derince Chandelier.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

The layers of light in a living room make it a cozy space for a whole range of living – quietly reading a book, chatting with friends, or taking in a movie with the family. A variety of table lamps next to the sofa and chairs, as well as floor lamps, makes it possible to light each area separately. Shop our popular Caressa Table Lamp here. Highlight design elements by aiming track lighting at a mantel or bookshelf. Consider adding a sculptural fixture like a striking table lamp to punctuate the room.

Bassett Furniture’s collection offers home lighting ideas for any dark corner of the room. Are you ready to start bringing your creative interior light fixture ideas to life in your home? Shop the Bassett Furniture Lighting collection for more inspiration. 

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