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Decorating a Rustic Home

Whose lives—or homes—couldn’t use a dose of nature? Infuse your indoor spaces with the fresh energy of outdoor elements. Rustic furniture is an increasingly popular design trend in home décor, and it’s infusing natural touches to homes in some surprising ways.

What is rustic style?

Rustic interior design is characterized by the earthy, organic lines and textures of the great. outdoors. Characteristics of a rustic style home include:

  • An open floor plan for clean sight lines.
  • Large windows to create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.
  • Exposed wood, stone, brick architectural features that emphasize the authenticity of the structure.
  • Other styles can be incorporated with the surrounding natural elements, creating a happy dissonance.

Bassett Furniture Distressed wooden coffee box

Decorating A Rustic Home

A home with a distinctive rustic style needs interior design elements that complement the architectural style. This style is characterized by natural textures, neutral colors, simple patterns, solid wood, and illumination from natural light. Below are some tips for decorating a rustic home:

  • Use exposed wooden beams as close to the natural state as possible lend a warm, weight and rustic appeal to any room.
  • Use wide-plank wood for floors and paneling. Choose natural or neutral-colored stains or leave unfinished. 
  • Fireplaces mimic our first and very basic form of heat and are guaranteed to create a rustic look as well as provide natural warmth and beauty. Use heavy, natural stone or brick for the mantel. 
  • Paint walls white to brighten natural wood features of the home. Or integrate other neutral, earth tones that don't distract from the home's feeling of being in a natural setting. Sandstone, rich browns and tans and forest green and sage bring the serenity of nature into your home. 
  • Use only natural fabrics for upholstered furniture and rugs. Linen, wool, leather and canvas are complimentary choices.
  • Incorporate the various, rich textures of nature with jute mats, intricately shaped tree branches, woven baskets and intriguing rock formations and driftwood.  
  • Fill your rustic home with understated flowers and plants. Steer away from fussy, frilly looks. Dried eucalyptus, a terrarium filled with succulents, and a simple vase of Queen Anne's Lace make excellent choices. 
  • Choose window treatments that allow as much natural light in as possible and lend a simple, unpretentious elegance to your rustic home. 

What is rustic furniture?

Rustic furniture celebrates the natural elements of a piece, even after it’s been turned into a fully finished piece of furniture. Surfaces don’t have to be smooth; they can appear weathered or distressed. Materials are often wood, especially oak, cherry, maple, or walnut – and oftentimes, a knot in the wood is cherished more than covered. The shapes are simple, sometimes even blocky, and the colors are as natural, too.

Bassett Verona

Custom Rustic Furniture Created the Old Way

One of the first artisans of rustic furniture was Reverend Ben Davis. He began his craft during the early 1900s in North Carolina, which is close—in both time and proximity—to the beginnings of Bassett Furniture.

We continue this craftsmanship today, and we still do it the old (read: hard) way. One line that shows off our rustic furniture is the Bench*Made line. Each piece is custom made by an artisan right here in Bassett, Virginia. We use red maple sourced here in the Appalachian region, so each piece is 100% American made. Our artisans create each piece of rustic furniture one at a time and made to order. Would you like a classic, clean edge? Or do you prefer a rustic, “live” cut look? Let us know what you prefer, and we’ll create the Bench*Made piece that’s perfect for your space.

We also offer the Heartland Pine line of furniture, including this Heartland Pine Round Cocktail Table. This line preserves the natural character of wood, offering a casual look created by the wood’s random plank effect and set off by antiqued bronze knobs.

Bassett Henderson

If you like the French countryside look, consider our Verona line. Each piece, including this Verona Dresser, offers organic finishes with warm undertones. The line offers an easy, comfortable elegance.

We continue the tradition that Reverend Davis began a century ago: making quality furniture, inspired by nature and built by artisans.

Bassett Bench*Made Dining

See our Quality Rustic Furniture Lines Up Close

To see the quality and beauty of our Bench*Made line of furniture, find a Bassett Furniture store near you. If you’d like to browse our selection of furniture online, peruse the Bench*Made section of our website.

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